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Recently our new business growth is in the area of tactical and strategic databases based on the very flexible and highly professional FileMaker software. We have provided solutions using iPAD & iPhone devices as well as web access enabling our clients to access and update their data anywhere in the world. We achieve this by writing bespoke solutions to meet the business requirements and then to keep costs as low as possible providing secure hosting service via a 3rd party hosting company. This way our clients don't have the challenge of introducing costly infrastructure while enjoying the benefit of a fast and professional database at minimal cost.
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To date some of our client solutions have incorporated PoS services using the scanning capabilities of the iPhone. Make sales and processing payment anywhere you can receive the internet. Once payment is receive automatic despatch instructions are passed to the warehouse ahead of returning to base to process the order.

Asset Management is another development enabling the client to manage 1000,'s of IT assets ranging from Workstations, Servers in data centres to Mobile, Smart Phones and Network Communications equipment of WAN & LAN devices. All data being available 24/7 to the project teams.

Combine this information and it builds into a CMDB (configuration management database) where you can relate information from your commercial and finance departments making it easier to manage service support, suppliers and asset life cycles ensuring you obtain the most from your investments.

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