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How and when your company procures stock should not be a hit and miss affair and that's why we recommend a procurement strategy to enable your company to manage best value rather than quick or cheap.

There are two elements to our recommended approach, Supplier Management and Contract Management both have further detailed on tabs below .

We have a simple tried and tested procurement approach that reduces the amount of time spent finding the products and services at the right price with multiple companies whilst account hopping from one to another playing them off against each other.

This is both time consuming for you and them. It s far better to trade with fewer companies (note I say fewer not one) and enter into an agreement where prices and delivery timescales are fixed with regular reviews. This approach allows you to develop trading relationship with more depth than just the next sale and when you require support as a valued customer they will be more accommodating.

Once this type of arrangement is entered into that is when the supplier and contract management takes place refining, reporting and managing only the exceptions to the agreement which in turn reduces the burden upon the purchasing team.

The benefit are many fold for both parties and should you wish to explore these with us please complete the
contact us page and we will be in touch.