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There are two basic types of contracts most businesses have. Those where they provide services to a customer, and those where they receive services from another company both hopefully with agreed terms and conditions.

Both need managing in some way or another but few companies do until it's to late and they either lose customers or suppliers let them down.

The time to think about contract management is when you are designing your procurement strategy and engaging suppliers.

Contract management is about ensuring that the services you provide or receive are being delivered in line with expectations with action taken to address any exceptions before they become a problem. They should form part of the procurement strategy within your company along with supplier management.

These are particular areas that many businesses often see as an overhead instead of a must have because of the reactive nature of the smaller business without understanding the greater benefits of control in this area.

Working with you Align Solutions Ltd would help you to understand the benefits of proactive contract management principles and how to introduce light touch checks and balances to ensure they are being managed.

If you feel this is an area of your business that may benefit from a strategic review and would like the opportunity to discuss how that may be done then complete the
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