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Firstly, software license compliance can be a very complex subject with terms like perpetual, concurrent, enterprise & machine based or even freeware or shareware licenses to name a few. Even the same term can mean something different depending of the product, vendor or country.

At a time when companies across the world are facing a down turn in growth they look to their existing customer portfolio to maximise income. I'm sure your doing the same right now.

For a software house or vendor this sometimes means identifying companies using unlicensed or incorrectly licensed software and ensuring those guilty pay up. It is a very effective way to increase income without finding new customers. Why not take a look at
BSA or FAST web sites to understand the importance the software trade place on compliance and the consequences of non compliance. You may find it interesting reading.

So let me pose a question to you. Can you demonstrate, if required, that all software in your company is yours to use legally and licensed correctly. If the answer is no then we would recommend you take some simple steps to correct the situation.

Problem is knowing the steps to take and that is where out knowledge comes in. Only this year we completed a programme of compliance for a large Government Agency with over ten thousand end users. The result is a process of ongoing compliance providing they comply to the procedures introduced.

If you feel exposed in this area and haven't' the time or experience to devote to reviewing your position then why not ask us to help. We can provide a programme of work to be carried out by your own resources which serves to train whilst keeping the cost down as the effort comes from within your own company.

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