Over recent years we have delivered the following business objectives for clients and employers. We don't share our clients identity as the work is often sensitive and requires discretion. However, below are a number of major deliverables that we have been personally responsible for.

The delivery of the IT component of a state of the art 400 seat call centre on a green field site in Bristol for a insurance claims business.

The total restructure of a multi million pound business unit to manage IT procurement and delivery. This unit was established as a true P&L business providing fiscal accountability to penny accuracy for every item procured and subsequently sold on to the appropriate business unit or department.

The restructured, negotiation and management of maintenance contracts to support all IT hardware assets resulting in savings of £500k per annum over three years.

The restructure of environmental sustainable management of IT and White Goods assets for a 12,000 user base resulting in 0% land fill.

The business restructure of a 16,000 mobile and data sim customer base with 3 major mobile phone carriers resulting in over £200k saved in the first year.

The software compliance project resulting in a cost avoidance of £2m in licences.

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